“Dig A Pony” TV Commercial

In my quest to experiences new cultures and art, I do a fair bit of traveling. I recently went to the USA. A lot of people don’t realise that America does have culture. There’s a city called Portland on the West Coast, which is extremely arty indeed. Whilst there meeting local artists, I found myself a regular at a little drinking hole called Dig A Pony.

Before I left, I decided to make a TV commercial for them, not because they asked for it, but more out of the goodness of my heart. I’m a big believer in giving a bit to get a bit. It will be be payment enough to know that they’ve seen it and appreciated it. Although if there’s any money available, cash is also good.

Here’s the final piece. Feel free to spread it around so that people get to know my face… and the bar.


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10 Things I Like About Shakespeare

Shakespeare – Yeah he was bald and had an earring, but he also wrote great plays.

  1. He’s timeless (actually he was born in 1564 and died 1616). However his plays live on. And therefore he lives on forever. Like God. And Margaret Thatcher.
  2. He’s bawdy. There’s rumors that he slept around, but he was obviously a deeply sexual man, and I can relate to that.
  3. As well as a great playwright, he also liked to act. It’s a bit like the Bee Gees, who although good at writing songs for others, couldn’t resist the limelight.
  4. He wasn’t on Twitter or Facebook and I respect that. Granted it was in a time before the internet existed. But he didn’t try and invent it. He was happy just writing his plays.
  5. He’s universal. His plays are performed all over the world. Including Manchester.
  6. He was ahead of his time. In Othello he predicted that black people could hold positions of power. 400 years later out steps Will Smith in Men In Black.
  7. Old Shakey was inspired by previous writers and stories. In fact none of his plays were original. In that sense he was one of the early pioneers of recycling.
  8. He had an earring in a time when only pirates wore jewelry.
  9. In a nut shell, he was talented. People say if he was around today he’d just be writing for Eastenders. He wouldn’t. He’d still be writing brilliant plays the world can enjoy. And maybe the odd Eastenders Christmas Special.
  10. He’s invisible. Like Banksy, no one really knows what the Shakemeister looks like. People ask if he actually wrote the plays? Course he did! His name’s on the cover!

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